NO SELF [2022]

CABANAMAD [Lisbon, Portugal]
Curated by Antonio Lettieri
Ana Velez | Joana Gomes | Maria Sassetti

In No Self, Atelier Contencioso curated by Antonio Lettieri, proposes an investigation into the Ego, consciousness and the absence of the Self. In a society centered on image explotation, where constant comparison with what is projected on social networks inhibits and conditions the construction of identity, we suggest a visit to the ancestral home. In this mirror-place populated by shadows or projections of the self, a place of imitation and vestigial space, we discover a garden of daffodils which, flagrantly, is contemplated in a reflection. In contrast, we are faced with the house that burns or is dismantled, once a labyrinth of life, now with life on hold.

Atelier Contencioso &  Antonio Lettieri

Photos courtesy CABANAmad and the artist