Curated by Antonio Lettieri
Ana Velez | Joana Gomes | Maria Sassetti

CABANAmad, in collaboration with MODALISBOA METAPHYSICAL, presents EGO selfie hotel with sound bath, curated by Antonio Lettieri.

selfie hotel with sound bath is a project that emerges in the age of smartphones, in which we are conditioned by a need for social visibility. This need drives us to daily connect to the internet, publishing and sharing personal content, selfies and images that speak about us, our private and sentimental life on social networks, sometimes even our sex life.

Why is it that all of us, today more than ever, need so much social visibility and to show others our daily life, to make it extraordinary, as if we were always the protagonists of a successful movie?

If we believe that we were not capable of becoming what we aspired to being, we always feel a little dissatisfied and frustrated with who we are. It can be said that in this case we suffer from a corrupted narcissism, that is, a feeling of oneself that contains a wound that asks to be healed. We take care of it each time we increase our value by posting content and images on social networks, always waiting for collective approval, which we return to other people out of gratitude, satisfying the same need for confirmation of value.

The only rule of EGO selfie hotel is to take a selfie.

Antonio Lettieri